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Document and Audio/Visual Medium Translation

AAC's approach to translation is a multi-step process. To ensure quality AAC uses a process based in systems engineering whereby the requirements are generated form a user's set of collective needs and those requirements are turned into a specification or design document that fully describes what is expected in the finished product.

As part of the systems engineering approach, AAC utilizes available highly rated translation tools to improve translation speed. In the AAC process these tools are used with expert proofreading to ensure the document's translation in the target language is as close to the original as possible. AAC translation experts understand the complexities of converting languages (and peculiar dialects) and pay close attention to meaning as well as syntax and overall readability. Furthermore, knowing there are different dialects of languages and can produce a finished product that is in a form that is universally recognizable or one that is tailored for specific regions, ensuring the document's wide functionality among a group of diverse personnel. The basic process is illustrated in the AAC Translation Process Figure.

As shown in the figure, AAC employs a multi-step automated process in translating documents. The initial step is to examine the original document wherein a requirements engineering analysis will be completed while the translation begins in parallel. Documents are translated using software tools and by hand. In the software translation tools, built-in linguistic options and dictionaries help us achieve the highest-possible translation quality results.

After the initial translation, the document is proofread by employees with experience and education in the target language. As many target languages are much more concise languages than English, there are many words and phrases in the target languages that have multiple meanings and those issues can be addressed by our proofreaders.

Our translators are aware of many such decisions, and can make the appropriate changes that a computer tool might simply take for granted. These decisions are many, and have the potential to change the entire meaning of an idea. The document will be proofread by several different experts to ensure meanings are conveyed in the target language in the same manner and tone as in the original. These are very important concerns, and AAC has the capability to meet these challenges.

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