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Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Services

The JCIDS process is closely linked to the acquisition process. Additionally, it provides the PPBE process with prioritization and affordability advice. JCIDS is designed to allow joint forces to meet future military challenges by assessing existing and proposed capabilities within the perspective of their contribution to future joint concepts; and by identifying potential interoperable solutions to capability gaps. The broader DoD acquisition community must then deliver these capabilities to the warfighters in technologically sound, sustainable, and affordable increments. Products (outputs) of the JCIDS process directly support, as a minimum, the Defense Acquisition Board and Information Technology Acquisition Board in advising the Milestone Decision Authority for major milestone decisions.

A Process Laden with Complexity

The JCIDS process is extremely complex and sometimes misunderstood within the defense community (including government components and contractors). In fact, very few contractors are qualified and capable of playing a meaningful role in helping government program managers interface with the JCIDS effectively.

The JCIDS process can be tailored and not all weapon systems require the same level of joint consideration. AAC can help the PM navigate through the alternative paths identified to allow validation of capability gaps and potential solutions, and to allow them to enter into the JCIDS process at the appropriate stage to deliver those capabilities more rapidly.

What risks do inexperience with JCIDS present? We have seen wide discrepancies in consulting prices charged to assist the government customer (as much as 10x). We also see documents which are too long, non-responsive/ambiguous, and non-compliant. These factors present real risk to the program’s ability to obtain funding. AAC maintains a staff of senior level professionals, some with over 30 years of applicable experience. We understand the big picture and we also know how to help our government customers get their programs funded.

>> See a Summary Diagram of the Defense Acquisition System, Integrated with JCIDS


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