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Business Modeling and Processes

The first integral process within the AAC Enterprise Architecture Design Program is the development or refinement of the Business Model.

The business model “shows” the actual processes, both internal and external, by which the enterprise will fulfill its mission and deliver real value. The business model ensures that the business strategy (input to the Enterprise Architecture Design Program) can be effectively implemented within the new Enterprise Architecture.

The landscape is littered with excellent product and service innovations that failed because they were implemented within faulty business models. Conversely, that same landscape includes highly successful organizations that deliver excellent value with only a satisfactory product or service because it is delivered through an effective business model.

Why is it so difficult to get it right?

AAC’s Business Modeling Approach is Fully Integrated within
our Enterprise Architecting Program and Toolset

AAC can help you ensure your business model is fully executable within your enterprise. Using business processes and workflows, we will help you develop and depict the actual processes by which your enterprise can implement its business strategy. Inputs to theBusiness Modeling process are treated as “design specifications” and “performance requirements.” They cover all interrelationships between people, technology, and processes internal to the enterprise; as well as how the organization interacts with suppliers, partners, and its customer base.

Using AAC’s Enterprise Architecting Program, the business model “prescribes” a clear set of instructions that form a blueprint for the Enterprise Architecting Process. In turn, the Enterprise Architecting Process updates the business model as the enterprise is derived, to ensure strategic fit is maintained during the transformation process.


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