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Business Strategy

Build or Refine your Enterprise Architecture upon the Foundation of a Solid Business Strategy

The foundation of any enterprise is its Mission and Major Objectives. The Mission defines why the organization exists and what its broad-ranged goals are. Major Objectives define what significant activities the organization will undertake in order to fulfill its Mission.

Business Strategies are more specific than Major Objectives because they define specifically how the organization will go about accomplishing its mission. As such, business strategies provide the overall framework or conceptual design for the organization’s structure, programs, approach to the market, etc. In other words, Business Strategies are a direct and critical input to AAC’s Enterprise Architecture Design program.

Business Strategies seek to leverage the organization’s competitive advantages. Advantages might be any combination of favorable cost structure, superior expertise or advance learning-curve position, barriers to entry for others, supply chain advantages and more. Of course, once implemented within the enterprise, the end goal is to fulfill market needs and therefore turn a profit; or in the case of government organizations and non-profits, meet stakeholder needs and expectations.

But it’s not quite that simple … You have Constraints

AAC can help you Design an Achievable and Holistic Business Strategy

AAC uses Best-in-Breed Tools & Techniques for the Business Strategy Process


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