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Elective: Condition Based Maintenance: Overview and Applications

Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) aims to reduce life cycle ownership costs and increase system readiness by performing maintenance upon evidence of need. CBM was adopted by the US DoD in the form of Condition Based Maintenance Plus (CBM+). CBM+ expands on the CBM concepts, encompassing other technologies, processes, and procedures that enable improved maintenance and logistics practices.

Students will receive a comprehensive overview of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and its applications to weapons systems. Special emphasis is placed on CBM+ concepts, technologies and tools. This three-day course presents the various categories of functionality required in CBM systems, including data acquisition, signal processing, state detection, diagnostics, prognostics, and decision support. Examples cover both established solutions and innovative approaches.

The course describes the technical architectures of CBM systems and presents the applicable industry standards. A Systems Engineering Process (SEP) for designing and implementing CBM systems is described. In addition, the course outlines the various issues that maintenance managers and engineers must consider in the introduction of a CBM program. Students are exposed to several application examples, encompassing both industrial installations and weapons systems illustrate the strengths and challenges of the CBM approach.

Course Outline

Condition Based Maintenance - Day 1-3  
• Introduction to CBM
- - CBM Definition & Particularities
- - CBM and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
- - Relationship to Readiness and Life Cycle Cost
- - Enabling Technologies for CBM
- - CBM Adoption in Industrial and
- - Military Applications

• Functionality of CBM Systems
- - Data Acquisition
- - Data Manipulation
- - State Detection (Condition Monitoring)
- - Health Assessment (Diagnostics)
- - Prognostics Assessment
- - Advisory Generation (Decision Support)
- - Information Presentation

• Architecture of CBM Systems
- - OSA-CBM Model
- - Standards for CBM
- - Embedded Diagnostics, Prognostics
- - and Decision Support
- - Integration with Logistics Architectures
- - CBM Architecture Examples
• CBM Implementation
- - Systems Engineering Process for
- - Implementing CBM
- - Establishing a CBM Program

• CBM for Weapon Systems
- - Maintenance Processes for Weapon Systems
- - Condition Based Maintenance Plus
- - (CBM+) Overview
- - CBM+ Objectives
- - CBM+ Technologies and Tools
- - CBM+ Select Programs

• CBM Application Examples
- - Industrial Processes
- - Land Systems
- - Naval Systems
- - Aircraft Systems

• Conclusions
- - CBM Benefits and Applicability
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