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Defense Acquisition System Services

The Defense Acquisition System is the management process that guides all DoD acquisition programs. The Defense Acquisition System (DoD Directive 5000.1) provides the policies and principles; and the Operation of the Defense Acquisition System (DoD Instruction 5000.2) establishes the management framework that implements these policies and principles.

AAC helps the Program Manager (PM) proceed through the series of milestones associated with significant program phases. Every milestone and decision point requires specific statutory and regulatory reports and other information requirements.

The larger the program (dollar value), the more stringent the requirements and oversight; with “major” programs presenting the most extensive statutory and regulatory reporting requirements. These major programs are subject to review and vetting by senior officials in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, along with other advisory groups.

Government Program Managers Must be Represented Well

As a government PM, it is imperative that your program be supported by senior level engineers and program acquisition experts that are of the equivalent caliber as those who are evaluating your program. AAC has these experts. Acquisition success depends on more than being able to interface with the Defense Acquisition System, it also depends on your knowledge and ability to effectively tailor the system where possible and to know where you can streamline it.

For example, you may know that very few programs begin pre-Milestone A, but you may not know that many programs that started in pre-Milestone B could have begun in pre-Milestone C, or that progress through Milestones B & C could have been sped up considerably. Unfortunately, the Government has no mechanism in place to help PMs make these big-picture decisions, or to provide the support required. AAC can provide that role. We will help you decide where your program should start.

AAC has many ways of making the process work more effectively. One in particular is our expertise in developing the Test Readiness Assessment (TRA) which is required for both Milestones B & C. The TRA is a systematic, metrics-based process that assesses the maturity of Critical Technology Elements (CTEs) and the ability to meet operational requirements with acceptable development, production, and operation costs. AAC’s in-depth understanding of the TRA processes will help you keep the program rolling at an expeditious and reasonable pace, in keeping with the true needs of the warfighter.

>> See a Summary Diagram of the Defense Acquisition System, Integrated with JCIDS


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