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Production and Development Phase (Element of Defense Acquisition System)

The Production and Deployment Phase seeks to achieve an operational capability that satisfies mission needs. OT&E determines the system’s effectiveness and suitability and the MDA makes the decision to commit the DoD to production.

During the Production and Deployment Phase, AAC engineers help the PM achieve Initial Operational Capability (IOC) by addressing issues requiring improvements or redesign as a result of the test and evaluation processes. This could include assessing how product changes could beneficially or detrimentally impact manufacturing or other supporting processes. Our support also can include TEMP and SEP updates.

A new Requirement is Coming

AAC is always abreast of what is coming down the pipe in the Acquisition System. In the near future, a Manufacturing Readiness Assessment (MRA) will be required to determine Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL). This approach centers on programs attaining a high level of knowledge at key junctures of a new product or weapon development effort covering the maturity of Technology, Design, and Production. AAC can help the PM obtain and manage this knowledge via the MRA. Programs that do not attain these levels of knowledge incur in-creased technical problems, in-creased cost and increased schedule slippage.

For MDAPs and other programs on the OSD T&E Oversight List, Production and Deployment has two major efforts, Limited Rate Initial Production (LRIP) and Full-Rate Production and Deployment (or Full Deployment Decision for MAIS programs or software intensive systems with no production components).

Limited Rate Initial Production (LRIP)
• results in completion of manufacturing development
- - to ensure adequate and efficient manufacturing capability
- - to produce the minimum quantity necessary to provide production or production-representative articles for IOT&E
• establishes an initial production base for the system
• permits an orderly increase in the production rate for the system, sufficient to lead to full-rate production
• must show demonstrated control of the manufacturing process (and other critical processes)
and acceptable reliability
• requires completion of IOT&E and submission (where applicable) of the LFT&E Report

Full-Rate Production and Deployment
• requires a successful Full-Rate Production (or Full Deployment) Decision Review by the MDA
• delivers the fully funded quantity of systems and supporting materiel and services for the
program or increment to the users.
• results in units that will typically attain Initial Operational Capability (IOC)
• uses FOT&E to assess current mission performance and inform operational users during the
development of new capability requirements (as technology, software, and threats change)


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