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Initial Capabilities Document (ICD)

The Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) is put before the JROC for approval. It documents the requirement for a materiel or non-materiel approach, or an approach that is a combination of materiel and non-materiel, to satisfy specific capability gap(s). It defines the capability gap(s) in terms of the functional area, the relevant range of military operations, desired effects, time and doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF) and policy implications and constraints. The ICD summarizes the results of the DOTMLPF and policy analysis and the DOTMLPF approaches (materiel and non-materiel) that may deliver the required capability.

AAC Engineers are experienced with ICD development. This includes its major input, the CBA, and the groundwork it lays for the Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) for which it forms the basis. AAC Engineers can help the PM to ensure that the ICD provides a wide perspective of operational capability as it relates to the definition of system requirements in order to encourage technological innovation.

By approving the ICD, the JROC is validating the capabilities required to perform the mission as defined; the gap in capabilities along with their priorities and operational risks; and the need to address the capability gaps. The JROC will address the gap in one of three ways:

• the operational risk is acceptable and therefore no further action will be taken
• a non-materiel approach is warranted (e.g., changes to doctrine, organization, etc.)
• a materiel solution is needed

When a materiel solution is required, the approved ICD becomes the basis for an AoA. The ICD along with the results of the AoA become the basis for the Milestone A decision.


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