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Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) and Information Technology Acquisition Board (ITAB)

AAC Engineers provide critical support for PMs in preparation for reviews by these Boards, in support of each Milestone’s completion.

The Defense Acquisition Board advises the USD (AT&L)/DAE on critical acquisition decisions. The USD (AT&L) chairs the Defense Acquisition Board, and the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff serves as co-chair.

Defense Acquisition Board members are the following executives:
• Under Secretaries of Defense – Comptroller,
Policy, Personnel & Readiness, Intelligence
• Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks
and Information Integration/DoD Chief
Information Officer
• Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
• Chairman, Program Analysis and Evaluation
• Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force
• Director, Acquisition Resources & Analysis

Defense Acquisition Board advisors include:
• Principal Deputy USD(AT&L)
• Deputy Under Secretaries of Defense - Logistics
& Material Readiness and Industrial Policy
• Directors, Defense Research & Engineering and
Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy
• Relevant OIPT Leader(s)
• Program Executive Officer & Program Manager
• Chairmen, Cost Analysis Improvement Group
• DoD General Counsel and Component
Acquisition Executives
• Commander, United States Joint Forces Command
• Chair, Functional Capabilities Board(s)
• Could be others

Information Technology Acquisition Board Reviews provide the forum for approving Acquisition Category IAM milestones; deciding critical Acquisition Category IAM issues when they cannot be resolved at the Overarching Integrated Product Team level; and for enabling the execution of the DoD Chief Information Officer’s acquisition-related responsibilities for Information Technology, including National Security Systems, under Title 10 and the Clinger-Cohen Act. Whenever possible, these reviews should take place in the context of the existing Integrated Product Team and acquisition milestone review process. An Acquisition Decision Memorandum documents the decision(s) resulting from the review.

Information Technology Acquisition Board Reviews should focus on key principles such as:
• Support of mission needs as described in the Strategic Planning Guidance and the Joint Programming
Guidance, Joint Vision 2020, the DoD Information Management Strategic Plan, the operational view of
the approved Global Information Grid (GIG) Integrated Architecture, and the approved GIG Capstone
Requirements Document.
• Compliance with GIG-related policies and the approved GIG Integrated Architecture.


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