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AAC’s Enterprise Architecture Design Program

AAC’s Enterprise Architecture Design Program follows the AAC Business Strategy Design Program. While the two programs are designed to work in sequence, they are each stand-alone modules and can be employed separately.

AAC’s Enterprise Architecture Design Program is composed of three key and interwoven processes which collectively address the entire enterprise. They include:

Business Model & Process
The business model “shows” the actual processes, both internal and external, by which the enterprise will fulfill its mission and deliver real value.

Organizational Structure
Changing the organizational structure involves the realignment or transformation of human roles and responsibilities, as well as administrative systems and processes, so that the organization is optimized for achieving its objectives, both now and in the future.

Technical Approach & Systems Engineering
The systems engineering process seeks to ensure that customer and stakeholder's needs are satisfied (cost, schedule, functionality, quality) through the products and services life cycle.


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