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Organizational Structure Design

Organizational Structure design and change is the second key process within the
AAC Enterprise Architecting Program.

Organizational change is the realignment or transformation of organizational structures, systems and processes, so that the organization is optimized for achieving its objectives, both now and in the future. To enable the organizational transformation to succeed, the process must be more about rethinking how the organization performs its functions, not merely reshuffling the organization chart. The process involves:

• selecting the best organizational structure to
enable the enterprise to succeed

• creating roles for all levels within the organization
and distributing authority

• defining business processes that govern how
the organization formally interacts

• defining levels of required competency that fit
with the organization’s business model and
technical approach

• defining the organization’s culture that is desirable
or required to make the enterprise function
properly — and many other factors.

A Focus on Agility … not Reshuffling the Chart
Nothing hurts the likelihood of a successful organizational change more than everyone’s memory of the last time it was attempted. Organizations restructure themselves simply to find that they now look different yet performance has not improved.

AAC’s methodology for Organizational Structure Design embodies the most innovative scholarship and best industry practices in organizational dynamics today. We will help you build an Organizational Structure that will achieve its objectives in the future as well as now. We do this by focusing on agility as a major design parameter. In the future, your organization must be capable of being adjusted without “breaking.”

Today’s successful organizations are leaning toward flatter and less centralized structures with fewer levels of middle management. These organizations realize that their bureaucratic cultures of defined roles and rigid processes must give way to a knowledge-based culture that is constantly learning and forever challenging its own way of doing business. This is the type of organization that can adjust and persevere as the market’s environmental factors (e.g., demand, technology, regulations …) change.


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