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Professional Certificate Program
for Systems and Support Engineers


SE for PLC Mgt
// SpE for PLC Mgt
// Maint. Eng for PLC Mgt
// PBL for Mil. Designer/User
// Supply Chain Design and Log Ops Mgt
// Condition Based Maint.

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Training Program


A Professional Certificate Program for Systems and Support Engineers

The Certificate Program teaches students the principles of systems engineering. It also provides instruction in the design and analysis of systems. Students will learn the essentials for integrating large, complex, and mission-critical systems.

The Certificate Program provides students with the right combination of practical understanding, built on a foundation of conceptual knowledge and an analytical framework that will enable the student to excel within an engineering career. Because all courses are taught by industry-recognized professionals with deep experience in their respective disciplines, each student walks away with new knowledge that is grounded in a real-world understanding of its application (for example: how it applies to current directives from the US DoD and NATO).

Course Offering and Certification Requirements
The Professional Certificate Program consists of six modules that address the various aspects of Systems and Life-cycle Support Engineering. They include:


Systems Engineering for Product Life Cycle Management

Electives (Choose Minimum of Two Modules)

Specialty Engineering for Product Life Cycle Management
Maintenance Engineering for Product Life Cycle Management
Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) for the Military Designer and User
Supply Chain Design and Logistics Operational Management: Integrating the Sustainment Network
Condition Based Maintenance: Overview and Applications

To earn Professional Certification, the student must complete the Mandatory systems engineering course plus two of the five Elective courses. Completion of the mandatory first course ensures that students learn the basics of systems engineering and product sustainment throughout the system life cycle. The other two module choices are elective so that the student can focus on those topics that best meet their career needs. Most courses include case histories, tools, and reference materials on CD.

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