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Mandatory: Systems Engineering for Product Life Cycle Management

This 3-day course provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline of Systems Engineering and how it is applied throughout the life cycle of a product.

Systems Engineering is the integration of several engineering fields into an efficient and effective process for the overall technical management of programs and development of systems and equipment which will meet user requirements.

The field has been evolving and new systems engineering frameworks and definitions are presented. Topics include Systems Engineering standards, models, technical management, analysis and evaluation, product realization, product control, configuration and data management, product support, coupled with a practical approach to capability maturity.

Specialty Engineering disciplines such as manufacturing, logistics, environment, human factors, are reviewed and integrated into the Systems Engineering process with several case study examples from industry and government.

Course Outline

Systems Engineering - Day 1  
• Systems Engineering Overview
• Systems Engineering and Product Life Cycles
• Systems Engineering in Commercial
Product Development
• Related Standards, Models,
Frameworks Standards
• SE Life Cycle and Technical Models
• Requirements Engineering
• Systems Engineering Technical Management
• Risk Management
• Systems Engineering Metrics
• Systems Engineering Design Reviews & Audits
• System Design
• Requirements Definition Process Capturing
• Source Requirements
• Operational Concept Definition
• Functional and Performance Requirements
• Functional Analysis/Allocation
• Functional Flow Diagrams
• N² Charts
• Timeline Analysis
• Requirements Allocation
• Functional Thread Analysis
• Modeling and Simulation
• Real-Time Structured Analysis
• Object-Oriented Systems Modeling
• Design Constraints Requirements
• Product Realization
Systems Engineering - Day 2  
• Technical Analysis and Evaluation
• Deployment Analysis
• Design Analysis
• EMC/RF Analysis
• Environmental Impact Analysis
• Human Systems Engineering & Analysis
• Manufacturing & Producibility Analysis
• Mission Operations Analysis
• RMA Analysis
• Safety and Health Analysis
• Supportability Analysis
• Survivability Analysis
• System Cost/Effectiveness Analysis
• System Modeling
• System Security Analysis
• Trade Studies
• Training Analysis
• Verification Analysis
• Disposal Analysis
• Systems Engineering Product Control
• Configuration Management
• CM Life Cycle Phases
• Configuration Identification
• Configuration Control
• Configuration Status Accounting
• Configuration Verification and Audit
• Data Management
• CM and Data Management Interface
• Version Control and Access
• CM Guidance for COTS Products
Systems Engineering - Day 3  
• Systems Engineering Process Control
• Standard SE Practices and Processes
• Reviews and Audits
• Technical Reviews Structure
• Alternative Systems Review
• Systems Requirements Review
• Systems Functional Review
• Preliminary Design Review
• Critical Design Review
• Subsystem Review
• Interim Systems Review
• Physical Configuration Audits
• Functional Configuration Audits
• System Post-Implementation Support
• SE Support to Manufacturing
• Sustainment Engineering
• Systems Engineering Approaches for Basic Capability Maturity
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