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Professional Certificate Program
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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

The heritage of Systems Engineering is very much tied to that of AAC. The vision articulated by the early adopters of the Systems Engineering methodology and “mindset” is coming to fruition in government and industry environments where and when it is needed most. Moreover, AAC’s systems engineering training methodology incorporates this mindset which can most simply be shown as follows:

  Traditional Perspective Innovative “Systems” Perspective
The Customer Wrote granular level specifications, contracted for defined products, systems & components. Determines needs and problems to be solved. Contracts for functionality and capability.
The Contractor/ Systems Integrator “Answered the mail.” Provided products, systems & components. Translates needs to system requirements. Provides functionality and solutions to problems.

As demonstrated in the Managing the Change Process portion of our website, AAC understands that, in order to maximize system performance, Systems Engineers must maintain a holistic view of the missions and operational environments that arise from combining Platforms, Systems and Subsystems, Operators, & Life-cycle Support. Our robust training and certification programs for Systems and Life-cycle Support Engineers incorporates this vision.

AAC’s training curriculum concentrates in two main areas, Systems Engineering Training and Software Products Training for the products we sell:

Professional Certificate Program for Systems & Support Engineers

Designed for individuals that seek to acquire and apply an in-depth knowledge of Systems Engineering and its Life-cycle support functions. It is built around leading-edge thinking and state-of-the-art techniques. If your systems engineering department needs an upgrade or lacks sufficient experience for certain bids, this is the most cost effective way to make it happen.

AAC Software Product
Training Program

AAC provides customized training in the use of the tools we sell. See our Products page for full details on our tools.

Organizing a Training Session
Doing business with AAC is easy. We can provide training at your location, at a convenient facility of your choosing to accommodate your people, or at our facility. Please see our Doing Business with AAC page for details.

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