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Advanced Specialty Engineering Networked Toolkit (ASENT)

The ASENT toolkit provides a competitive edge for organizations that use joint ventures and collaborative design efforts.

ASENT is a comprehensive modular set of software tools used for reliability, maintainability, and testability analysis. Because ASENT uses graphics extensively, part types, assemblies, printed wiring boards, and more all have uniquely recognizable images. ASENT’s graphics enable design analysis teams and managers to communicate more easily and effectively, allowing them to make design-impacting decisions in real time. In fact, the ASENT toolkit provides a competitive edge for organizations that use joint ventures and collaborative design efforts. ASENT’s graphics have been further expanded so now you can fully document the design that was analyzed, including the schematic, assembly drawing, photos, and even video!

Using ASENT is intuitive because it employs the familiar Windows® Explorer graphical user interface. Features such as drag-and-drop are common throughout ASENT, allowing entire branches of assemblies and thousands of parts to be quickly copied or moved. No other R&M toolkit delivers this much versatility and ease of use.

ASENT is coupled with Microsoft’s® SQL Server® to deliver more database horsepower than other R&M tools on the market. The client/server architecture was specifically designed to handle reams of program data, and allow multiple users concurrent access to the same project data. Analyses can be performed in parallel, even when teammates are geographically dispersed, and designers can retrieve information immediately after it is entered. ASENT eliminates the hassle of transferring files and combining data and ensures you are always working with the current design. In addition to offering extensive report formats and a user-defined reporting capability, ASENT’s open architecture allows you to quickly create customized reports.

Key Features  

• Reliability Predictions, Modeling
• Integrated FMECA Analysis
• Integrated Maintainability Analysis
• Integrated RCM Analysis
• Integrated Testability Analysis
• Extensive interfaces to Design Tools,
System tools and other Analysis Tools

• Integrated Thermal Analysis
• Integrated Derating Analysis
• Import/Export LSAR Data
• User Defined Fields
• Store Source Documents & Graphics
with your Analysis

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