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Raytheon EAGLE™ Introductory Training

About the Tool
Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment (EAGLE) is a technologically innovative logistics system emphasizing the use of a centrally located database as a core repository for development of all logistics products. EAGLE automatically generates maintenance manuals, logistics reports, and training materials. It easily allows remote online access for customers. It is built to satisfy the most stringent customer mandated requirements and is easily configured and flexible to the user’s needs. It is a system designed to link you to the real world of engineering and production. EAGLE is part of the iLog suite of products, which provides the capability to reuse LSAR (based on and fully compatible with MIL-STD-1388-2B, MIL-PRF-49506 or DEF STAN 00-60) data for technical publication, supply support and life cycle costing.

COURSE: Introduction to EAGLE (5 days):
This course introduces students to EAGLE and the Responsible Support Engineer concept. All of EAGLE's major disciplines (i.e. modules) are covered including:

• Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
• Technical Publications
• E-Learning
• Provisioning
• Maintenance Management and In-Service Support

Additionally, real-world lessons cover Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and EAGLE processing/techniques. A workbook is included.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of MIL-STD-1388

COURSE: Introduction to EAGLE (2 days):
This is a fast-paced introductory course designed for students unable to attend the 5-day Introduction to EAGLE course. It covers the same basic topics as does the 5-day course. While the 5-day course addresses all EAGLE disciplines (i.e. modules), this 2-day course covers a select/customized subset of those modules. A workbook is included.

Working knowledge of MIL-STD-1388-2B logistics specifications is required. Familiarity with EAGLE or earlier versions of EAGLE is recommended.

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